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Brighten Your Complexion Instantly

Everyone wants to maintain a smooth, healthy, and radiant skin complexion. But as you go through life, your skin inevitably develops a dull and tired-looking complexion because of the accumulation of dead skin cells, debris, oil residue, and clogged pores. But what if you could instantly revitalize your complexion and give your skin a refresh without any harsh side effects or downtime? Introducing dermaplaning!

Woman getting dermaplaning in Lone Tree

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation technique that helps achieve smooth, radiant skin. The procedure involves using special tools to scrape off the vellus (peach fuzz) hair, dead skin cells, debris, and oil residue from the skin. Dead skin cells and peach fuzz can clog your pores, lead to breakouts, and make your skin look full. Dermaplaning is an extremely gentle procedure that gives your skin a complete refresh.

Add Dermaplaning to Your Facial

Dermaplaning is the perfect accompaniment to a facial. After dermaplaning, your pores will be highly receptive to the skincare products used during a facial, leading to better results. Since dermaplaning in Lone Tree removes all the dead skin cells and debris from your skin, it essentially acts as a powerful exfoliation for your skin, preparing it for the application of essential nutrients, skincare serums, hyaluronic acid, and other products.

The 30-Minute Dermaplaning Treatment

Dermaplaning is a simple 30-minute treatment. During your session, the medical provider will cleanse your facial skin and use a special scalpel to scrape away the dead skin cells. The scalpel is moved across your skin at an angle to remove the dead skin and peach fuzz without damaging your skin, so there’s no discomfort. After the treatment, a soothing gel is applied to your skin to reduce discomfort and post-treatment sensitivity.

Benefits of Dermaplaning:

  • Non-invasive skin rejuvenation
  • Improves overall skin tone
  • Allows your skin to absorb nutrients and cosmetic products
  • Allows makeup to be applied more smoothly
  • Completely gentle and painless treatment
  • Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • No harsh side effects
  • Resume daily activities and work immediately
Person getting dermaplaning in Lone Tree on the forehead.

Dermaplaning: Recovery & Downtime

Dermaplaning in Lone Tree is a completely painless treatment that leads to no harsh side effects. Your skin might look slightly flushed after the treatment, but there are no other side effects. You can also resume your daily activities and work immediately — no downtime. Many of our patients undergo dermaplaning on the day of a major photoshoot or event to ensure their skin looks radiant. We recommend a dermaplaning session every four weeks to maintain the results.

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Rocky Mountain Surgical Arts is a luxurious medical center dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a smooth, radiant complexion. Our medical providers carefully evaluate your skin type, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable treatments to revitalize your skin. Please schedule a consultation for your dermaplaning session in Lone Tree.

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