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“Two implants placed by Dr Fathimani. All done well, no complaints. Dr is very pleasant and thorough, took time for detailed consultation, called me after procedure. Highly recommend. Thanks.”

Jennifer P.

“Everyone in the office is very pleasant and professional. Surgery went well without any problems. I would recommend Dr Fathimani to everyone who needs tooth implant or any dental surgery.”

Ted S.

“Quick, competent and professional.”

Nathan R.


Neyda T.

“I was really nervous to visit an oral surgeon I had never heard of before. However Dr Kayvan was kind & knowledgeable, way beyond my expectations. He’s an absolute expert at what he does.”


“Amazing Surgeon, amazing person. I traveled from another state to have my surgery with him. I consulted with other facial surgeons, but he was the most personable, honest, professional in addition to being extremely skilled at what he does. You can tell he has a passion for surgery. He corrected my underbite with a lower and upper jaw surgery and defined my jawline with liposuction and a genioplasty. I couldn't be happier. He is the expert at what he does!”

Anonymous |

“He is the best doctor I have had the pleasure of meeting. I went to him to have a wisdom tooth removed and ending up talking about my underbite that I had for years. Long story short he was very nice helped me every step of the way and my byte, jaw and breathing is way better because of him. I had a major surgery and it was completely painless because of him.”

Anonymous |

“Great experience, very easy going, extremely knowledgeable. I think he has over 6 board certifications. Bottom line is that I didn't like my jaw, large overbite and big chin. I went to three other surgeons, I choose him due to his experience, personality and knowledge. When you talk to him, you can see he LOVES his job and wants to help! He did a triple jaw surgery with fat reduction. I love my bite and my face, it has changed my life, so grateful to have seen him.”

Anonymous |

“He’s one of the few surgeons that can fix jaws correctly and he does it really well. I had realignment to correct my bite, looks perfect, feel great, I love it. Plus he’s super kind and passionate, very caring. Happy to have seen the best!”

Anonymous |

“My father had no bone in his upper jaw, he placed zygomatic implants and got teeth the same day. My father was very happy. The doctor was recommended by many dentists so we were happy to go to him and get a great result.”

Anonymous |

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