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Eliminate Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is an extremely common problem that affects most people. Perhaps you have recollections of uncomfortable or even painful dental treatments from your childhood. Or perhaps you just don’t like the idea of having someone digging around in your mouth. Dental anxiety prevents people from seeking essential treatments that improve their oral health and overall quality of life, such as implants and root canals. We offer sedation oral surgery in Lone Tree to help you receive the care you need without the discomfort.

A woman being sedated before sedation oral surgery in Lone Tree, CO

What is Sedation Oral Surgery?

Sedation oral surgery refers to using pharmacological agents to help you feel relaxed and calm during your appointment. You’re a good candidate for sedation oral surgery if you feel stress or anxiety when visiting the doctor. You can also receive sedation treatment to help you through more complex procedures, such as bone grafting and dental implant surgery. We usually offer sedation oral surgery with local anesthesia, so you don’t feel any pain or anxiety.

Types of Sedation Oral Surgery

Intravenous Sedation

IV sedation oral surgery in Lone Tree is a medical procedure where sedatives are delivered directly to your bloodstream via an IV, providing a more powerful form of sedation than possible with oral sedation. With IV sedation, you will remain awake but will be in a deeply relaxed state. You may even nod off during the procedure or drift in and out of sleep. The deep level of relaxation achieved with IV sedation can help patients with a fear of needles or a strong gag reflex.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a medical procedure that renders a person unconscious during surgery or other medical procedures. It is usually done by administering a combination of intravenous drugs. General anesthesia aims to achieve a state of complete unconsciousness, allowing the patient to undergo medical procedures without experiencing any pain or discomfort. General anesthesia is generally administered during a complex surgical procedure, such as bone grafting, or if the patient is severely anxious.

Benefits of Sedation Oral Surgery:

  • Alleviate dental anxiety and fears
  • Help you feel more comfortable during dental treatments
  • Encourage you to seek dental treatments without delay
  • Allow the oral surgeon to work more effectively
  • Improve your overall dental experience

Please schedule a consultation to learn more about your options for sedation oral surgery in Lone Tree, CO.

A woman getting her teeth examined before sedation oral surgery in Lone Tree, CO

Schedule Your Consultation

Dr. Kayvan Fathimani is a multi-board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon committed to helping patients access the highest standards of dental care. He understands that dental anxiety is a major roadblock that prevents patients from seeking medical treatment promptly. That’s why he goes out of his way to ensure his patients feel safe and supported throughout the procedure. Sedation oral surgery is just one of the ways in which he ensures a patient’s comfort. Please schedule a consultation with Dr. Fathimani to learn more about sedation oral surgery in Lone Tree.

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